Urban Oasis Mineral Spa

Great Expectations

For your expanding belly

Come, relax and enjoy our services designed for mothers to be.

Pedicure at Urban Oasis Mineral Spa

Great Expectations Body Polish

Skin stretched to the max? Let out skilled professionals polish your body to perfection.

We combine our mineral salt scrub with natural oils to moisture your skin while exfoliating. It’s all-natural and leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and looking great. Includes a full body scrub, use of the Vichy Shower or Hydrotherapy tub, and a relaxing effleurage massage.

45 min. - $90

Great Expectations Manicure

Can't put your rings on? Submerge your hands in ginger, coriander, grapefruit and ylang ylang oils.

Includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle work, our signature scrub, and a relaxing hand and forearm massage. Finish with the season's hottest color or natural buff.

45 min. - $40

Great Expectations Massage

Expanding abdominal, growing breasts, and postural changes place increasing stress on your back, legs and shoulders.

These massage therapy sessions are designed to reduce aches and pains, while specific recommended exercises stabilized your body.

2nd and 3rd trimesters

45 min. - $105
60 min. - $125