Give a Healthy Gift for the Holidays

Dr. Frank Lipman, Integrative & Functional Medicine Physician at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center

Gift season is upon us! Instead of giving people more “stuff” that none of us really need—why not give your loved ones something to encourage a healthy lifestyle?

Yoga Classes: Who doesn’t feel great after a yoga class? Give the gift of yoga through a class card or membership to a studio, or a few private sessions with a great instructor. “If they want to learn yoga from the comfort of their own home, a membership is a great idea,” says Dr. Lipman. You can also include accessories, like a yoga mat, for an added touch.

Exercise clothes: Look good while feeling good! A new gym outfit in a fun color, some great yoga pants, or new running shoes might be the little extra inspiration your friend needs to get moving.

Water filter: Having pure, tasty water readily available, makes it that more likely that you’ll actually be drinking it! There are a lot of options for different water filters on the market—models that attach to your kitchen sink are easy and convenient. “We recommend the Aquasana water filters—they have filters for the shower and sink that are easy to install and really make a huge difference in how drinking water tastes and how the water from the shower feels,” Dr. Lipman says. “They are also quite affordable.”

Blender: Making smoothies at home is a great way to add in more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Giving someone a fun kitchen gadget that they’ll actually want to use can also help them get healthier. “At home and at the office we have a Vitamix, which is the absolute best blender,” according to Dr. Lipman. “You can also give a copy of the new book The Best Green Drinks Ever which is by Be Well Coach Katrine van Wyk and is packed with great recipes for juices and smoothies.”

Massage: Yep—this one’s a no brainer. Often we feel selfish when buying ourselves spa treatments, massages or facials. So, give your loved one a guilt-free treat they truly deserve!